About Edna I. Murphy Elementary

Murphy Elementary is located in northeast Grand Rapids and is named after Edna I. Murphy.

We are one of three elementary schools in Grand Rapids. We have approximately 380 students kindergarten through fourth grade.

Edna Murphy was an outstanding pioneer educator in School District 318 from 1917 to 1949. Edna I. Murphy resigned in 1949 after 32 years as a rural school supervisor for the district. For years she averaged more than one thousand miles of travel each month while visiting schools under her supervision. She was known to walk fifteen miles in a day and traveled in buggies, haywagons, sleighs, and stoneboats to reach her schools. She aroused admiration of men and women alike for her tireless work and the manner in which she handled a Model-T on rough country roads.

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"Together, Teaching and Learning for Life to Achieve Excellence!"